Pink and puffy video game hero Kirby just seems to have the perfect aesthetic to be a merchandising champion. In Japan, he's got his very own cafe with an adorable menu, a lineup of traditional sweets, and even a personal head bed that makes it appear as if he's inhaling your powers as you sleep.

Premium Bandai is honoring the hero of Dream Land with a release that turns him into the perfect cuddle buddy: a heated Kirby plushie that can provide you with warmth in bed or at the office simply by hugging it!

The Kirby plushie comes with a built-in heater that can be charged by USB (for a total length of one straight hour of heating), meaning you can keep it by your computer, or just have your phone around to let Kirby help you fight off the cold season or simply give you a comforting hug anytime.

Take Kirby out on a walk or cuddle up in bed with him for a comfortable 42 ° C to 46 ° C hug.

The Kirby heater plushie is available from Premium Bandai for 5,480 yen. (International shipping here)

By - Big Neko.