Cherry Blossom season is coming, and it’s coming even earlier than usual according to forecasts. The pink floodgates have opened, and all manner of sakura-themed goodies are being announced left right and centre.

Products such as the spring Coca-Cola bottle, Sakura McDonalds menu and others are seen every year and have become seasonal classics. But if the modern-day, consumerist takes on hanami leave a bad taste in your mouth, here’s something much more in keeping with traditional Japanese ideals.

These raindrop jellies come from an Akita confectioner called Eitaro, that dates all the way back to the Meiji Era.

Eitaro’s lovely handmade sweets contain a homegrown blooming cherry blossom, confined in the jelly. It’s pickled in order to preserve it, then honey is added for sweetness. The translucent jelly is slightly pink and flavoured with cherry blossom liqueur.

This season’s beautiful blossoming jellies can be bought online, in Eitaro stores or in Akita train station and airport. Otherwise, they can be picked up in some department stores.

It costs 300 yen for one, or sets are also available. Exquisitely presented in a box with fittingly pink tissue, these floral treats are the perfect present.

If jelly's not your thing though, don't worry. An endless stream of cherry blossom themed sweets, meals, alcohol and soft drinks are on the way leading up to spring in Japan. You're sure to find a seasonal treat that suits you!

By - Jess.