Japan is heading straight toward sakura season, and McDonald's Japan has decided to greet the pink cherry blossoms with two new drinks — the Sakuranbo McFizz and the Sakuranbo McFloat.

Though it might be assumed that the drinks are sakura-flavored, this year, McDonald's Japan opted to use sakuranbo — cherries — instead. In fact, there are many delicious brands of cherries produced in Japan, and both the McFizz and the McFloat are made from Satonishiki cherries grown in Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku region. Carefully grown to perfection, Satonishiki is considered a high-end brand of cherries that can sell at extremely high prices. It's even ranked as one of the top 10 fruits produced in Japan.

The carbonated drinks are sweet but refreshing and have a rich fruity flavor. The Sakuranbo McFloat is topped with a swirl of soft-served ice cream, and both drinks will be available until early April in Japan. You might even want to try it with the new Sakura McFlurry!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.