The influence of Pokemon GO is still on-going in Japan, which got the game later than other countries. Thanks to that, this adorably Eevee has appeared, and is asking you for a cuddle. Of course, how can you escape from those adorable innocent eyes?

Anyway, why bother just looking? This Eevee comes in the form of an arm cushion, that allows you to wrest your wrists as you type at work, while also getting to hold one of the cutest Pokemon in stuffed animal form. Premium Bandai has released similar arm cushions of cute characters before, as well as a giant Snorlax cushion. Now Eevee is joining in on the fun.

The Pokemon PC Cushion series from Bandai has started this week, the starter Pokemon is everyone's favorite Eevee, the normal type Pokemon that may not do enough battle damage, but could melt your heart in a beat!

Feeling stressed? No worries, Eevee is here with you.

Combine with a keyboard design Eevee arm rest pillow.

The Eevee set cushion sells for 5,616 yen, the pre-orders start now and end on October 31st. Unfortunately, the order is only available domestically in Japan, so if you plan to order from abroad you may need the help of a friend. And it just might be worth it for having an Eevee on your lap. Otherwise, just stare at that cute face.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.