Despite already coming out on top as the most sought after treat for Tokyo-bound visitors, there is no argument as to whether Tokyo Banana’s ongoing collaboration with Pokémon over the last few years has boosted its overall popularity – because it certainly has!

The mashup first came into being back in autumn of 2020, when Tokyo banana launched a limited-edition collection of their classic sponge cake snacks adorning prints resembling Pikachu. Hot on Pikachu’s tail was the “fluffy” Eevee flavour Tokyo Banana which was unveiled in the winter of the same year.
The most recent character to join the ranks of the Pokémon Tokyo Banana collection is Piplup, who stepped up to the game in October of 2021.

Whilst the collaborative snacks are almost certainly drawing in a lot of attention – with individuals flocking to their closest 7-eleven store with the announcement of each release – there is one thing about the mashup that doesn’t quite sit right…How on earth could you eat something so adorable?!

Well, the truth is, the collaboration goes a little deeper than just snacks, as with each product reveal the partnership has also seen an unveiling of a limited collection of giant Pokémon Tokyo Banana huggable pillows. So, if you can’t help but want for your very own Pokémon Tokyo Banana, but you can’t face the idea of chowing down on an adorable face, you can instead get a Pokémon Tokyo Banana huggable pillow plushie to snuggle up with.

As with the release of the Pikachu and Eevee editions, the Piplup Pokémon Tokyo Banana has also been accompanied by a handful of giant huggable pillow plushies.

At 120cm in length the pillow measures equal to five boxes of Tokyo Banana stacked on top of one another, and is the perfect size to cuddle up to (whilst potentially snacking on an actual Tokyo Banana). Just like it’s edible parallel, the Piplup Pokémon Tokyo Banana is said to be just as soft with only size differentiating the two.

Unfortunately the campaign to get your hands on a Piplup Pokémon Tokyo Banana Giant Huggable Pillow ended on the 5th of February, but as the demand has increased there is always a possibility that the pillow and it’s Pikachu and Eevee editions might make a reappearance in the future.
Plus, we’re excited to see the next edition to the Pokémon Tokyo Banana lineup. So far, the collaboration has only seen the appearance of 3 classic favourite characters, but there are over 800 Pokémon in total, and it is anyone’s guess as to which will be next.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.