Ever popular, Japanese convenience store desserts are like little cups of heaven. Despite being reasonably priced, they’re always beautifully presented and delicious, and we are surprised constantly with brand new and seasonal flavours.

But this seasonal offering from Lawson really takes the cake. Thanks to upmarket chocolate brand Godiva, the convenience store will be stocking a luxury treat for your hanami picnic this cherry blossom season.

If it’s a toss up between matcha and sakura for most in demand sweet flavours in Japan, then Lawson have thankfully taken away the stress of deciding which one to choose. The two piece dessert set from Godiva contains two many layered cakes, one green tea and one cherry blossom inspired.

Source: Lawson

The sweet duo is called ‘Le Japonais du Printemps’, as pink and green is a fitting colour combination for Japanese spring.

These desserts offer layer after layer of extravagance, incorporating various different textures.

The pink hued sakura option consists of a chocolate sponge cake base, with a layer of soft gyuhi mochi on top. A layer of chocolate ganache is then followed by chocolate mousse and the whole thing is topped off with pretty petal-like sakura chocolate chips with actual cherry blossom petals mixed in.

Source: Lawson

The matcha version has a similar make up, with matcha sponge cake as the bottom layer. This is followed by the gyuhi mochi again, then matcha ganache and a matcha white chocolate mousse. This heavenly green tea creation is finished off with an extra dose of matcha powder. High quality Uji matcha can be found in abundance throughout the dessert.

You can flaunt your opulence in front of your friends or co-workers at a cherry blossom viewing picnic, since the set comes in a stylishly designed packaging.

Source: Lawson

The desserts will only be available for one week, from 19th March to 27th, in Lawson stores all over Japan.

By - Jess.