Every time this year, companies in Japan gear up for the much celebrated cherry blossom season by releasing a wave of sakura-themed goods, which includes sakura-themed Coca-Cola bottles, Starbucks beverages, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and even McFlurries.

Popular U.S. burger chain Shake Shack is no different in Japan with their own seasonal beverage that combines frozen vanilla custard and cherry blossom puree with the pun name "Shackura Shake". This year the restaurant will be offering two different flavors in brand new packaging.

The Sakura Shackura Shake is a white and frothy beverage that mixes fresh frozen custard with daily made cherry blossom puree. The white color is to reflect the image of winter sakura, with a soft and mellow consistency but slightly salty aftertaste modeled after cherry blossom mochi. The beverage will be available starting February 1st and run through the whole month.

Starting March 1st, Shake Shack will switch over to the Shackura Shake "Cherry and Sakura". It uses the same sakura puree and frozen custard formula but is mixed with cherry puree for a more tart flavor and pink color. Limited edition cups featuring fluttering cherry blossoms are available for both. As a nice touch, the February cups come with smaller sakura that blossom into larger ones on the March cups. Small and regular sizes are available at 540 yen and 710 yen respectively at Shake Shack locations throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.