Every year in Japan, the much anticipated cherry blossom season has travelers planning their hanami schedule, but for those looking for an alternative to outdoor cherry blossom parties, plenty of sakura-themed art exhibits have risen in popularity. teamLab’s digital art sakura installation has been a great and gorgeous success, but now cherry blossom fans can enjoy their own at the base of Tokyo Sky Tree--with the added bonus of jellyfish.

The new exhibit is located in the Sumida Aquarium inside of the Solamachi commercial facility below Tokyo Sky Tree. Appropriately titled "Sakura and Jellyfish", the exhibit's main attraction is a 50 meter long Kaleidoscope Tunnel that features digital images of fluttering cherry blossoms bouncing off of 5,000 mirrors throughout the corridor. The idea is to combine the imagery of dancing sakura petals with the vibrant appearance and movements of the aquarium's jellyfish.

Furthermore, the interactive panel flooring reacts to your footsteps with scattering cherry blossoms and rippling water, as if you have just stepped into a puddle or bed of sakura. The immersive tunnel also plays calming music and is scented with the aroma of cherry blossoms.

Access information for Sumida Aquarium can be found at the official website, and the exhibit can be attended until April 25th.

By - Big Neko.