Many traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) are lauded not only for their exquisite taste, but also their intricate and beautiful designs as well. As recently seen with a Japanese jelly dessert that reveals a different picturesque scene with each slice, many longstanding wagashi makers are looking to enhance the aesthetic qualities of these treats, but sometimes it's the simple creative effort people apply at home that stands out the most. Take for instance, animal lover and Japanese Twitter user Nao's (@england618) take on dango, a Japanese dumpling sweet made from mochiko rice flour.

Nao has made perhaps the cutest dango Japan has ever seen, as they are shaped and decorated to resemble Shiba Inu faces--and butts!

Others have also tried their hand at it.

While they may be too cute to eat, this may be the only time you can forgive yourself for eating a Shiba Inu--but and all. If you're not familiar with dango, two popular varieties include mitarashi--a syrup made from soy sauce, sugar, and starch--and kinako, toasted soy flour. They are traditionally enjoyed on skewers.

As you can see, their round and bubbly shape make for an interesting canvas for character art, making them a fun way for companies to promote mascots, and people at home to have fun with--as Nao demonstrates below.

If you ever have a chance to try dango in Japan, we highly recommend it. Otherwise try out these designs Nao has shown!

By - Big Neko.