While beautiful and steeped in rich tradition, the cypress wood masks worn by practitioners of classical Japanese performance art Noh can sometimes have an eerie quality to them, as we saw when someone covered an entire car windshield with snow molds of them.

Japanese illustrator and Twitter user P-MAN (@p_man_wktk) has set a new spooky standard for Noh masks. After their fan broke, P-MAN bought a circulator fan--and then shared the haunting movement of a Noh mask attached to it.

Because of the circulator's rotation, the Noh mask appears almost like a dismembered head or spirit floating around the room, and has been spooking many on Japanese Twitter. While many let P-MAN know that it seemed like something out of their nightmares, the creator responded that they simply wanted to let people know the cuteness of Noh masks, and had no intention of anything horror related.

Perhaps as a peace offering, P-MAN offered up these funnier takes on the moving mask.

By - Big Neko.