These days, the initial buzz surrounding face-swapping apps has mostly died down in favour of the gender-swapping one. But there’s still people out there finding inventive ways to utilise the function to its full comic potential. Japanese Twitter user Hakusama is one of those masters keeping the face-swapping flame burning.

For one half of the match, Hakusama chose his very photogenic white cat.

Source: hakusama0906

With his instantly recognisable white mask, Kaonashi (No-Face), the mysterious, reticent spirit floating around the bathhouse in Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away, is the perfect second candidate for face-swapping mischief.

The two unwilling participants created a thrilling fusion which quickly went viral in the Japanese Twitterverse.

Source: hakusama0906

The popular face-swap even inspired fan art!

The cat’s white fur blends in so well, we can almost believe that Kaonashi actually does have a cat face underneath the mask. It might explain some of his erratic behavior in the movie anyway…

By - grape Japan editorial staff.