Being a short-legged little dachshund in a house full of cats sounds pretty hectic, but this dog is taking a zen approach to the daily madness and has managed to become incredibly chilled out about the whole thing.

This Twitter account (@kemari_watage) chronicles the daily life of a household with three cats and one dog. It has plenty of photos and videos of the housemates which showcase the chaotic games played by the hyperactive bundles of fur.

But in this video which went viral, it shows the cat's big sister staying chilled out in all the fun. The dachshund, called Madara-chan, was enjoying getting her nails trimmed by her owner so much that her tail was wagging like crazy, attracting the attention of another resident of the house.

One of the cats, a fluffy ginger called Watage, starting playing with Madara-chan’s tail and trying to catch it as if it were a cat toy.

But the sweet tempered pup doesn’t seem to mind, or even notice at all.

The owner also revealed on Twitter that Madara-chan loves to take a bath to chill out after a long day of being a canine cat toy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.