Japan is home to quite a few pet cafes that allow customers to come in and play with a roster of animal "staff" members, such as cats (and even capybara) while enjoying a nice beverage. Some even operate as adoption centers that hope to provide their animals with a forever home after they get to know a customer through repeat visits.

Banasku, a café in Hokkaido that features an adjacent dog park where customers can bring their doggo friends to run and play while also enjoying a light meal at the café, isn't quite classified as one of those pet cafes, but it provides an interesting service that may as well make you think otherwise. Kishine (@kishidog), the café proprietor, recently shared a photo demonstrating the cafe's "watch over your meal" service.

While it seems to be quite a popular service, Kishine says it has a bit of a reputation of making it more difficult to eat at the café. That's because the service has Kishine's two St. Bernard dogs, Daisy and Dawn, watch over as you eat--very intently!

Source: @kishidog

"Our meal watch service. It's a service where you can sit next to them (there's no drooling.) It's given us a reputation of making it hard to eat."

As you can see, Daisy and Dawn take their "job" very seriously, staring a hole into customers and their meals with great interest. While Kishine jokes about the reputation for making meals a bit hard to get through, Twitter response largely says different, with many praising the service and saying they can't wait to take a trip to Banasku.

It seems that putting up with the longing stares of Daisy and Dawn would be completely worth it since they're so cute--and hey, there's no (supposed) drooling to worry about either!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.