As Pokemon ballooned into an ubiquitous behemoth of a series in Japan, perhaps it seemed as though they left their early 2000s competitors, Digimon, in the dust. But not so, the digital monsters are still adventuring with new movies and other content being released every year. There’s also plenty of people who still harbour fond childhood memories of the animated series.

The Digimon cafe which will pop up in Tokyo this month will finally give Digimon fans the character-inspired menu they deserve. The eatery was announced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the animated series.

Rather than a literal interpretation, most of the dishes are inspired by the colours and characteristics of each individual Digimon.

Having said that, the Agumon meat stew is pretty on the nose.

But Gabumon’s horned burger is more subtly influenced by the character design.

As is Gatomon's holy ring bagel sandwich.

Palmon and Biyomon's cake plate.

Patamon's orange parfait.

Tentomon and Gomamon's sweets plate.

There's also special celebratory latte art available.

Naturally, there will be exclusive goods on sale and all customers get the gift of a character card.

The first round will take place in the Omotesando Tower Records Cafe, from 13th July to 21st, at which point the menu will be switched up for round two which will take place from 22nd July to 31st.

Full menu, goods and prices available on the Tower Records website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.