Wearing a yukata 浴衣, a casual unlined kimono made of cotton or synthetic fabric, is one of the joys of summer for many Japanese people. They are typically seen at fireworks, summer festivals and even sometimes as everyday fashion. For foreigners, renting a yukata can be a great way to experience Japanese culture. Since they are far less expensive than formal kimonos, yukata are also easier for tourists to purchase and use while they are in Japan or on special occasions in their home countries.

For those with more generous figures, however, finding a yukata which will look good on them can be a challenge. Plus size yukatas are not easy to come by. Thankfully, there's a perfect opportunity this summer from July 20th to August 6th at Umeda Hankyu in Osaka. The famous department store will be having a "Hankyu Summer Fes" featuring a collection of plus sized yukatas in several cute patterns from Kimonomachi. And if you're not in the Osaka area, you can still buy one online and have it delivered to your address.

Featured Designs

Please take a look at some of the designs you'll find:

This year's most popular design, tsubaki midori 椿 緑 (green camelia):

In-store seminars

On July 20th, Umeda Hankyu will have seminars hosted by two kimono experts (Japanese language only):

  • 13:30~ "How to look slimmer in your yukata" by Makiko Nakagawa sensei
  • 15:00~ "Yukata coordinating by body type and situation" by Mayumi Matsusaki sensei


  • Kimonomachi original brand plus sizes fair and event
  • Duration: July 17th to August 6th, 2019
  • Place: Hankyu Umeda Main Bldg, 6th floor plus-sized women's section (promotion space "Plus")
  • Price: 11,880 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Link to store fair and event page
  • Link to online store
  • Note: Deliveries are to Japanese addresses only, so you'll need to use a forwarding service such as Tenso to have your purchase delivered abroad.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.