On March 18th, after much anticipation and a delay due to the safety measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Universal Studios Japan (USJ) delighted Nintendo fans by opening the Super Nintendo World area of its park.

Super Nintendo World brings the world of Nintendo, particularly Super Mario Bros. to life in a vivid large scale recreation of the games overseen by Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo staff. It includes Nintendo-inspired attractions that includes a Super Mario Kart ride through Bowser's Castle and Yoshi's Adventure attraction. Guests can even interact with their surroundings via a wearable Power Up Band that allows them to hit "?" Blocks to collect coins, stars, and battle bosses.

That's not to mention the Nintendo food and merch available from a cafe run by Toad himself.

But as big as it is, it's about to get quite a bit bigger with as Universal Studios Japan has announced the addition of a new Donkey Kong themed area scheduled for 2024. The expansion will include Donkey Kong inspired food, merchandise, and an innovative roller coaster-type attraction set in an interactive lush jungle area featuring Donkey Kong and his friends.

Universal Studios Japan says the new area will increase the total area of Super Nintendo World by 1.7 times. The park says the expansion is partly an initiative to revitalize tourism in the Osaka region. In a statement, President and CEO of USJ, JL Bonnier said "The new Donkey Kong themed area will make "Super Nintendo World" even more appealing and provide guests with an even more exciting experience" and Nintendo Director Shigeru Miyamoto said they are "preparing a "a bit of a thrilling experience" for the area.

By - Big Neko.