If you've ever been to a Japanese convenience store or bakery, you'll quickly understand that Japan loves bread. But Japan especially loves shokupan, fluffy white bread usually served for breakfast toast. So much in fact, that we've seen bread pajamas and bread shaped sofas for especially enthusiastic bread fans.

The latest entry in shokupan fandom may trump all others, however. At the recent Bread Festival in Totsuka, a huge fluffy and comfy bread bed was set up for guests to lie on and use for photos.

Web media group Supermarket Kakamu took to the Bread Festival by setting up a giant bread bed display, inviting guests to lie down on and use for funny pictures. They went as far as to provide food topping props to recreate popular single slice bread recipes in Japan, including cucumber and tomato cushions and mayonnaise pajamas.

They also did the same in recreating pizza toast, one of Japan's favorite comfort foods.

If you want to see what it actually looked like in action, well, it seems Bread Festival visitors found it quite comfy!

Unfortunately, the Bread Festival finished up on July 21st. At the very least, you can probably expect Supermarket Kakamu to display the bread again at the next festival, and perhaps even release a commercial version for true bread enthusiasts.

By - Big Neko.