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Japanese Voices: YuNi no All Night Nippon i – Episode 8

Japanese Voices 日本語のままクールジャパン is a regular series designed for learners of Japanese to enjoy real Japanese language programming from Nippon Broadcasting System, one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Japan.

In our second round, we bring you YuNi no All Night Nippon i YuNiのオールナイトニッポンi, a show on the web radio platform All Night Nippon i オールナイトニッポンi.
With virtual singer YuNi as host, YuNi no All Night Nippon i is a fun and entertaining radio show, comprising a longer live portion on the Vtuber live streaming platform Colon: and a shorter archive-only segment available exclusively on the All Night Nippon i site. YuNi occasionally invites other Virtual Youtubers to join her.

Episode 8: Yuni-yomi

Welcome to another episode of YuNi no All Night Nippon i
Following from last week, YuNi is once again by herself in the studio.

A question from a fan

The show starts out with a question from a fan asking YuNi if she likes to watch any TV dramas. YuNi likes "The Confidence Man JP" (2018), about a beautiful con woman called Darko and her two male associates who target corrupt businessmen and yakuza bosses, outsmarting them in various ways. YuNi is a fan of Masami Nagasawa, who plays Darko. Can you guess why?


YuNi-yomi (YuNi詠み): In YuNi-yomi, YuNi chooses a song whose lyrics touched her and introduces those lyrics to her listeners.

YuNi chose "ego-izm" by one of her favorite musical artists, la la larks, a song which anime fans may recognize as one of the two ending themes of the 2004 anime series "M3: The Dark Metal."


“白と黒” “裏表” を問いかけ 自信を疑え


Tadashisa mushi shita jibun rūru
Tsukuriageta zurusa wo shiru
Shiro to kuro omote to ura wo toikake jishin wo utagae

English (translation ours)

Personal rules which ignore justice,
You'll learn the unfairness the world has constructed
Question "white and black", "inside and out," doubt your confidence

YuNi really likes the line: "Question 'white and black', 'inside and out', doubt your confidence."

The first time YuNi heard the song, this line really struck her. There are many songs in the world which seek to encourage and uplift you, telling you to be confident in yourself, but not too many which ask you to question your self-confidence. Of course, YuNi likes encouraging songs too, but she also enjoys songs which asks questions about who we really are, so she was deeply impressed by this line.

This week's nihongo tip

  • Japanese: 毎日
  • English transliteration: mainichi
  • Meaning: Every day (adverb)
  • Japanese: ego-izmという曲が本当に一番好きで、もう、本当ね、今でもね、ほぼほぼ毎日聴いていますね
  • Pronunciation: ego-izm to iu kyoku ga hontō ni suki de, mō, hontō ne, ima de mo ne, hobohobo mainichi kīte imasu ne
  • Meaning: I really like the song called "ego-izm" and ... I really ... even now, I listen to it almost every day.

    • You can use the adverb mainichi in all kinds of situations. You can put it at the beginning of a sentence or just before the verb. Here are a some more examples:

      Example 1:

      • 毎日YuNiの曲を聴いています。
      • Mainichi YuNi no kyoku wo kīte imasu
      • "(I) listen to YuNi's songs every day."

      Example 2:

      • YuNiは梅ハイボールを毎日飲みません。
      • YuNi wa ume haibōru wo mainichi nomimasen
      • "YuNi doesn't drink an ume highball every day." (That's a reference to Episode 6, in case you're wondering)

      If you'd like to listen to the show, please go to the official page on All Night Nippon i's website:

      Episode 8 (7/23): Yuni-yomi

      Special message from YuNi

      YuNi personally introduced Japanese Voices on her official Twitter account!

      That's so nice. Thank you, YuNi!

      YuNi music selection

      YuNi collaborated with la la larks on two of her original songs in her debut album "clear / CoLoR." The first one, as we saw in Episode 5, is Hana wa Maboroshi 花は幻 (Flowers are Illusions), and the second one is "Dilemma," which has a back story about a famous singer who loses her voice on the eve of her world tour, then after a long hiatus, encounters a girl who looks just like her.

      Dilemma (preview video)

      Lyrics / Composition: la la larks, Arrangement: Ryō Eguchi

      YuNi original songs playlist:

      More Information


      With permission from © Candee Inc. / © Ren Sakuragi

      Ever since she made her debut on May 30th, 2018, Virtual YouTuber and singer YuNi has created a sensation, thanks to her adorable looks, designed by illustrator Ren Sakuragi, her beautiful singing voice, her remarkable range of expression and the frequency of her updates on her YouTube channel. As she states on her account, YuNi's aim is none other than becoming the world's top virtual singer. On 24 April 2019, she released her first album, clear/CoLoR, featuring selected cover songs and original songs composed and arranged by top musical talents such as YUC'e, kz, Hige Driver and la la larks.

      Official Website: yunion.wave

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