Japanese eccentric bookstore and oddities shop Village Vanguard has no shortage of bizarre but strangely awesome animal-themed products, including chibi cat and anglerfish-fish mosquito repellent stands and deep sea creature tea bags. One of their latest items isn't quite that weird, but will definitely be a hit with cat lovers as they're now stocking their online store with cat-themed gaming earphones.

The feline motif earphones are called the "Gaming e-Nyaphones" ("nya" being "meow" in Japanese), and allow you to plug a cat head-shaped earphone into your ear while using a detachable cat's paw-shaped speaker to meow at your friends online. The dual-driver powered set provides a clear sounding and high quality gaming or music listening experience. It's compatible with PS4, PSVR, and Nintendo Switch (although microphone cable is necessary for use with smartphones when using the Switch).

The earphones are available in both blue and pink, and come equipped with controls for adjusting and muting volume, as well answering and hanging up calls. The cat-themed earphones are available from Village Vanguard's online shop for 2,678 yen. While Village Vanguard only ships within Japan, sometimes their products become available overseas on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.