While Japanese Kit Kats have gained a favorable reputation for their exciting variety of region and season exclusive flavors, sometimes it's the actual packaging of the popular chocolate treats that sets them apart. Recently, Nestlé Japan designed customizable photograph and letter souvenir boxes for Kyoto, as well as a traditional sushi box wrapping.

The new packaging for Japanese Kit Kats isn't a limited edition campaign, however, but instead a sign of a total overhaul to come. Nestlé Japan has announced an initiative to replace the current plastic packaging of Kit Kats in Japan with a more environment-conscious paper packaging, and they're using origami as encouragement.

The company is aiming to make a total switch to paper packaging by 2025, but in preparation are releasing paper packaging for the large versions of the original Kit Kat flavor, as well as their popular Otona no Amasa (Adult Sweetness) flavors.


Matcha Adult Sweetness

Original Adult Sweetness

Deep Matcha Adult Sweetness

Nestlé Japan is encouraging people to support the new paper packaging by recommending that they turn the packaging into paper cranes and other origami creations to send a nice message to their friends and family. The initial paper packed Kit Kats will go on sale in Japan starting in late September.

By - Big Neko.