McDonald's Japan is no stranger to releasing unique and exotic items on their menu, some of which might make you envious or frightened, depending on your preferences. They are especially big on limited-edition seasonal releases. Why, just take a look at their current seasonal release, the avocado bacon lettuce burger.


Source: McDonalds Japan

Or their old staple...

Teriyaki burger


Source: McDonalds Japan

Well, sides are also fair game to add new flavors to, and McDonald's Japan is doing just that with their newly announced McChocolate French Fries. These are actually called "McChoco Potato" in Japanese, as French Fries are called "Fried Potato" in Japan.


Source: MCD Holdings

These French Fries come drizzled with two chocolate sauces, a decadent cacao flavored sauce and milky white chocolate sauce. McDonald's Japan has previously released flavored fries before, including shake-and-bake styled fries, cheese sauce fries, and bacon topped fries. This will be their first try at dessert-type fries, and claim that it will be perfect harmony of sweetness and saltiness with a premium look. Well, if fast food is your thing.

The iconic franchise has struggled as of late in Japan, due in part to several food safety scandals (expired chicken, anyone?), and many commenting on the internet have claimed that increased seasonal releases and gimmicks are a way of luring fleeing customers back to the chain. Well, whatever your take is on loyalty to McDonalds, these fries are likely to at least pull in customers out of intrigue alone.


Source: MCD Holdings

The fries will be released on January 26th, 2016 and stop selling somewhere in the middle of February as a limited release. They will be priced at 330 yen ($2.80USD).


Source: MCD Holdings

We'll be sure to bring you a review, and sacrifice a bit of our New Years diet for them.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.