Kitan Club's run of cute and quirky capsule toys never seems to stop, dispensing Japanese food ticket machines, Pokemon cat hats, and even Scottish Fold Tissue boxes in capsule toy machines across Japan.

Now it appears they've even found a way to make the breakfast staple of ham and eggs cute (or "ham egg" as it's called in Japan) by turning it into an adorable hamster and egg pun capsule toy series.

It's...pretty self explanatory, but adorable nonetheless! The series features golden, black, cinnamon, and sapphire hamsters holding up their end of the "ham and egg" partnership, using eggs as blankets, stepping stones, and clothing in cute poses.

There's a total of three poses, but two hamster colors for each. The ham and egg hamster figures will be made available at Kitan Club stocked capsule toy machines around Japan starting September 7th.

By - Big Neko.