As we've seen with Tokyo Bonsai Lifestyle's darkly beautiful Animal Skull Bonsai Series and even an A.I. powered tree that asks you for water, the traditional Japanese art of bonsai isn't limited to one form of expression. A new collaborative effort between Japan Botanical Culture Co., LTD. and creative design office nendo is showing that with a new "modern" bonsai that requires no watering or fertilizer, GRID-BONSAI.

The project was put together as a means of answering interest outside Japan in bonsai trees, but also circumventing a lot of the challenges involved in internationally shipping actual trees, as well as minimizing maintenance issues. There are a total of 7 nylon "puzzle" prints planned, which can be shaped into bonsai designs by "shearing" each guided outline, making it a beginner-friendly design.

A crowdfunding campaign for the project is underway, with advance order and payment options.

By - Big Neko.