Source: PR Times

New Mochi Flavored Popcorn Released In Japan

Frito-Lay Japan's Mike Popcorn lineup hasn't been afraid to take chances on bold flavors in the past. Just two years ago they teamed up with popular chain Gindaco to release takoyaki flavored popcorn. Now they're collaborating with a long-standing traditional Japanese confectionery maker from Yamanashi, Kikyouya to release a savory and sweet shingen mochi flavored popcorn.

Shingen mochi is considered a regional favorite in Yamanashi prefecture. The mochi itself is translucent, and typically served with kuromitsu, a black sugary syrup, and kinako, roasted soybean flour, and you may be familiar with it due to the popularity of "raindrop cakes". The new flavor has a powdery texture and rich aroma thanks to the soybean flour, and a sweet and syrupy taste.

The shingen mochi Mike popcorn will be released in Japanese convenience stores starting September 30th, and throughout the country on October 14th.

By - Big Neko.