The costume chaos and revelry of Japan's gigantic Shibuya Halloween celebration isn't for everyone. That's why for the past five years, office workers at entertainment media group Daily Portal Z (whose creative resume includes a woman crafting handmade pigeon shoes to make friends with pigeons) have responded with a growlingly popular e Halloween party called "Jimi Halloween". "Jimi" means "plain" or "understated", and the concept was to provide an alternative costume party for people too embarrassed to hit the streets in elaborate costumes and zombie makeup.

If anything, the yearly mundane costume party has yielded perhaps even more creative output than it's Shibuya counterpart, with attendees churning out hilariously understated costumes inspired by both the most niche and everyday people you encounter.

For example, a man who found a cockroach and grabbed whatever was immediately around him to use as a weapon.

Or a woman who showed up at a BBQ but clearly has no intention of helping out.

As you can see, some are so specific they require a bit of an explanation, but once it hits you, it's more thoughtful than your standard bloody zombie! Here's a few of our favorites from this year's party.

Woman who forgot to take out the trash.

Woman who can't find a seat at a food court.

Man who got a shopping cart but ended up buying less than he expected.

Man who was face-swapped with a Starbucks cup.

Woman who cleans the handles of an escalator.

Salaryman scared of being accused of being a pervert/molester on a train.

Part-time worker who looks like the store manager.

Photography assistant whose only job is to make children laugh.

Woman who went shopping but didn't realize she bought things she already owned.

Woman who isn't very good at unshelling eggs.

Woman who just had a hot drink.

Banksy using his remote controlled shredder.

Man who bought an umbrella right as it stopped raining.

Two women who recognize each other but can't remember each other's name.

Man waiting for his rental girlfriend to show up.

Woman wearing black clothes who just got done playing with a cat.

Man who washed his hands and wiped them on his clothes.

Woman overly confident in her weight loss tea.

Woman who wanted to use all of her toothpaste with centrifugal force.

Man whose hoodie string slipped out.

YouTuber who reviews all the shades of in a new lipstick lineup.

By - Big Neko.