Japan's ongoing infatuation with bubble tea doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, particularly ideas such as tapioca theme parks and tapioca beer regularly reinventing love for boba. You can now add Lipton's new Lipton Tea Ice Tapioca Milk Tea Flavor to the list, a tapioca filled milk tea flavored ice cream bar.

The bubble tea ice cream bar release is a collaborative effort between Lipton and Akagi Nyugyo, makers of popular flavored ice bar Gari Gari Kun (which has its share of...uh, interesting flavors). The bar has two layers, a hard candied shell outer layer and thick and creamy center which are both milk tea flavored, and also contains tapioca pearls to complete the boba package. The bar's thickness and chewy tapioca pearls aim to recreate the texture of a cup of boba.

The bars are already on sale throughout Japan, priced at 140 yen.

By - Big Neko.