Ponjiro (@Ponjiro_clay) describes themselves in their Twitter bio as a person who "makes Pokémon and eats them", and while that may sound a bit jarring to some, it's actually quite fitting when you look at their impressive creations.

The talented food artist takes popular Pokémon, and turns them into wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets!

For instance, take a look at this tasty looking and adorable Swinub sweet that reveals a manju (a traditional mochi like cake) like inside when cut open.

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

Source: @Ponjiro_clay

Swinub isn't the only Pokémon Ponjiro has turned into traditional confectionery, take a look at some more of their awesome bite-sized Pokémon!

Ponjiro also has a YouTube channel where you can follow the making of these edible Pokémon.

For more awesome and adorable Pokémon traditional sweets, be sure to follow Ponjiro on Twitter and YouTube!

By - Big Neko.