Of all the Sanrio themed cafes that have came and went before, you may be surprised to know that one of the company’s most kawaii representatives, My Melody, has never had her own solo permanent cafe.

Well that has just changed with the opening of ‘My Melody Cafe’ in Osaka, the first ever permanent My Melody Cafe that Japan has ever seen, offering an array of very pink and very cute themed dishes.

The colour scheme of the cafe is soft pink, green and white, which is supposed to represent a beautiful English garden wreathed in roses. The perfect location for My Melody and her companions to hang out and indulge in some afternoon tea.

My Melody Cafe Osaka Menu


(prices shown do not include tax)

My Melody makes a big appearance on this tomato curry (1490 yen).

Kuromi, Melody’s rival, takes a rest on a bed of greenery atop a shrimp and avocado doria (1390 yen).

This mentaiko pasta (1390 yen) takes the form of My Sweet Piano’s fluffy head.

Dessert Menu

My Melody’s parfait (1690 yen) is a veritable mountain of strawberries.

This strawberry roll cake (1490 yen) is made even sweeter with the addition of a pretty pink bow.

The cute but devilish Kuromi becomes a flower blooming out of a tiramisu (1490 yen).

Here she is again presiding over the cutest skull cake (1390 yen).

These blooming pancakes (1490 yen) are a sight to see.

Lastly, My Sweet Piano’s face makes another fluffy appearance but this time on a strawberry tart (1390 yen).

There’s a range of beverages too including bubble tea and some fruity teas too!

The cafe’s Instagrammable interior allows patrons to take lots of pictures with My Melody by taking advantage of the photo spots.

Not just food, there is also plenty of exclusive goods for fans to pick up too during their visit.

How to Get to Sanrio's My Melody Cafe in Osaka

The cafe is located on 7th floor of HEP FIVE, which is a 3 minute walk from Umeda train station.

By - Jess.