Gudetama, a very relatable character, is an egg who likes to laze around. His creators, Sanrio, are famously responsible for Hello Kitty among other cute characters, and Gudetama’s charming lethargy has led to great popularity in Japan, spawning merchandise, pop-up cafes, a McFlurry, and even his own public bath.

Now in a collaboration with matcha specialists, Maccha House, a Gudetama version of their super instagrammable dessert is coming to the Gudetama Cafe in Osaka for a limited time only.

This strikingly green tiramisu has been decorating Japanese sweet lovers’ social media pages recently, and the only thing that could make it more in demand is adorning it with one of the most popular characters going.

The special Maccha House menu consists of the aforementioned green tea tiramisu, as well as a houjicha version, the roasted green tea leaves give the dessert a brown, toasty hue.

They also have a matcha latte and houjicha latte up for grabs, with adorably lazy Gudetama latte art.

If you go to the cafe during the collaboration you can also get some awesome exclusive Gudetama gifts such as a lunch mat, sticker, and if you order a drink, a coaster. The designs celebrate Japanese tea culture, showing the famous egg taking it easy with a cup or two.

The usual menu also has some awesome Gudetama-themed offerings such as the Gudetama roast beef bowl, or the Gudetama white curry, both available as sets with the tiramisu.

The Maccha House menu items are available from 14th March to 6th May 2019. More details available on the Gudetama Cafe Website.

By - Jess.