After 80 years, a new type of chocolate was finally discovered. In addition to the classics, milk, dark and white chocolate, we now have ‘ruby’ chocolate too, a naturally pink creation with a faint berry-like sweetness.

With its rosy hue, many companies quickly came to the conclusion that ruby chocolate was the perfect product to help them capitalise on Valentine’s Day. Especially in Japan, where Valentine’s Day is an excuse for women to give love to the men in their lives by gifting them chocolate.

The Japanese arm of coffee chain Tully's have joined in too, creating the perfect beverage for the season of love, using the exciting new chocolate type that's on everyone's lips.

The Ruby Chocolate White Mocha has a milky cafe mocha base, made by mixing espresso and white chocolate. The whipped cream piled on top contains the elusive ‘ruby’ chocolate and has been sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries, for a romantic rose petal-like effect. Suitable for any weather, the limited time only drink is available in both hot and iced form.

If you want to pick up some Valentine’s gifts while you’re in the coffee shop, Tully’s have got that covered too, with some fitting presents for coffee lovers.

There’s the ‘Romance Roast’ original coffee blend, described as a chocolately, silky and smokey.

Tully’s also has a box of chocolates which pairs perfectly with the Romance Roast blend, a seasonal box called ‘Chocolat a la Truffle’, which contains two flavours, raspberry and rum raisin.

If you want to go for a slightly more expensive collection of chocs, there’s another box which has been inspired by two of Tully’s popular beverages, the cafe latte and royal milk tea. Called Tully’s Chocolate Terzetto Armonia, it contains twelve chocolates in six different types, and two of these are shaped like cute little hot drinks. The box even comes with a voucher which can be exchanged instore for a small coffee, cafe latte or tea.

Non-consumable goods are on offer too, such as the adorable hand-holding bear couple, Choco Mint and Ruby Choco.

Or the super cute Tully’s flask and mugs could make a great Valentine’s gift for those who aren’t really into chocolate.

You can start getting into the romantic spirit thanks to this seasonal drink from 8th January onwards in Tully’s Coffee branches all over Japan. There's also surely plenty of choco-rific Valentine's treats on the way imminently from various other Japanese stores. New Year's resolution diet... we hardly knew ye.

By - Jess.