It's not exactly breaking news to say that some companies in Japan employ some questionable use of English, but McDonald's Japan's latest dessert offering may be setting a new standard for awkward phrasing. Their new breakfast offering is called the Otona no Cream Pie, which translates to "Adult Cream Pie".

"Otona" in Japanese translates to "Adult", but is often used when describing treats that aren't super sweet, with perhaps Kit-Kat Japan's "Adult Sweetness" being the most common example. While it's easy to write off as a simple fumbling of the language football, McDonald's isn't exactly shying away from the subtext, leaning into it a bit with the following commercial.

In the commercial, a young woman played by Sairi Ito asks her older colleague/teacher (she calls her both sensei and senpai) Yoko Maki "is the creampie really that good?", to which the sensei responds "If you try it just once, it'll fill you up" as she holds her face. The two then board a taxi and ask to be taken to the closest McDonald's.

Released tomorrow (January 15th), the Adult Cream Pie comes in two flavors, Sweet Fromage and Belgian Chocola.

Sweet Fromage

Belgian Chocola

The countdown is on.

By - Big Neko.