Square Enix has just released a new teaser trailer showcasing a ton of iconic moments in the game. With the recent news of the delay for Square Enix’s much awaited Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) Remake, this new trailer has certainly made up for it.

In this new trailer, we get to see a bunch of classic moments in the game, including the scene between Cloud and Tifa as kids, Cloud all dolled up as a girl from the Honey Bee sequences, plus that amazing showdown with Sepheroth at the Mako Reactor. It seems like we’ll actually get the chance to walk around town as Fem Cloud while both Tifa and Aerith comment on how “cute” he looks dressed up as a girl. Oh, boy! We don’t really know exactly why the game was delayed to April 10 from it’s March 3 release date, but if the rest of the game looks as nice as this trailer, I really doubt anyone is going to mind the extra wait.

This new trailer also features the brand-new theme song for FFVII Remake, entitled “Hollow”, written by the long-time Final Fantasy original composer Nobuo Uematsu--who had been taking a break for nearly the past two years due to health concerns--with vocals by Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet). According to Uematsu in the video linked below, he mentions that he envisioned Cloud standing alone in the rain for this piece, conveying the solitary strife he bears in silence, alone.

Some other familiar faces in this trailer include Red XIII, Reeve, President Shinra, Scarlet, and Professor Hojo among several others. Oh, and don’t forget some amazing shots of Sephiroth, too! He’s always giving Cloud a massive headache!

The final minute or so of the trailer shows off some new battle sequences with an aerial machine that looks a lot like the Hell Gunner boss the gang comes across in the Shinra building. We get to see a couple other special moves in the battle menus as well:

  • Cloud: Punisher Mode
  • Tifa: Whirling Uppercut
  • Barret: Overcharge

And was that a glimpse of the Leviathan and Choco/Mog summon? Pretty cool! And what…? The team is fighting Jenova at the end?! Geez, this is going to be a long two months... Be sure to check out the trailer here:

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due out on April 10 on PlayStation 4.

By - Terra Dragos.