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Valentines Day High Cocoa Chocolate Monster Boba Is Beautiful

Valentine’s Day in Japan may be unique, but like most of the world, chocolate is at the heart of this romantic holiday. Everywhere from department stores to restaurants and even popular cafes are offering up elaborate chocolate sweets to share with your sweetheart. But in 2020 we all know truffles are trite, pralines pedestrian, and the only way to make our beloveds say “huba huba” is with a cup of boba!

We’ve already written about The Alley’s deerlightful drink, and now healthy tapioca store Origami has gifted us with a special Valentine’s Day boba! We headed down to the hip neighborhood of Hiroo to try the “High Cocoa Chocolate Monster - Valentines Bubble tea.


Photo by Toby M

Origami is a juice and bubble tea bar which serves up low GI, healthy tapioca drinks. The store is located in Hiroo, a charming international neighborhood in Shibuya-ku. Full of embassies and leafy streets, Hiroo is a relaxing place to spend a day and a great place to dine on foreign fare. Origami is less than a minutes walk from Hiroo station and hard to miss thanks to an eye-catching, colourful interior.

The High Cocoa Chocolate Monster Valentines Bubble Tea

We waited and watched while Origami’s masterful staff made - more like designed - the elaborate chocolate drink. When she presented it to us, our hearts certainly skipped a beat: the High Cocoa Chocolate Monster looks amazing!

Photo by Toby M

The milk base is actually a high protein chocolate shake, with added 86% cocoa chocolate sauce, lashings of chocolate cream and brown sugar chocolate fondu pearls. The top is garnished with pieces of high cocoa chocolate and heart-shaped latte art. The result of this orgy of chocolate is a divine milk chocolate flavor, enriched by the dark chocolate cream and high cocoa chocolate sauce.

Photo by Toby M

While the High Cocoa Chocolate Monster looks monstrously high calorie, it’s actually low GI. The sweetness comes from the soft and chewy tapioca pearls which are low sugar and add only light saccharine notes. The use of dark chocolate which is widely recognized as low-GI, also has blood pressure-lowering properties and is said to suppress allergy symptoms such as hay fever.

Not only is this drink a great way to your lover's heart, but it also seems a great way to keep that heart-healthy too. So, head down to Origami and get yourself or your sweetheart this potent chocolatey love potion, with extra healing properties!


  • Menu name: "Hi-cocoa chocolate monster Valentine ver"
  • Price: 630 yen (tax included)

Store Details

  • Store name: "juice & tea bar ORIGAMI"
  • Location: 5-16-8 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Dolce Hiroo 1F
  • Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
  • Homepage:
  • Instagram: Origami

By - Toby M.