While they might spend the bulk of their time watching from the sidelines, being a ball boy/girl is no easy task. It's even harder with the thousands of spectators watching their every move, who will be quick to criticize if they fumble or make an irreparable mistake. But one ball boy in Japan is loving every minute of the attention he gets on (and off) the field, and even after 10 years into the job, his popularity is far from waning.

Of course, it's worth noting that this seasoned ball boy is none other than Wasabi, Japan's first-ever Shiba Inu baseball dog. Wasabi's main job is to carry a basket containing the ball for the ceremonial first pitch to the mound, which he has happily done for a total of 46 games so far. He works under the motto "Delivering balls, wins, and smiles," and he's quite the celebrity in the world of professional Japanese baseball. Here's Wasabi in action in 2015 at a Tokyo Yakult Swallows game at Meiji Jingu Stadium:

This year, Wasabi is celebrating his 10th year as a highly-respected ball boy. In commemoration for this impressive milestone, the super fluffy Shiba will be making an appearance at the Hiroshima Toyo Carp vs. Tokyo Yakult Swallows game on May 11th, a day which also happens to be his 13th birthday.

His special appearance is sure to be a huge success, considering all the experience he's already had.

But until then, Wasabi will be practicing at home with his ball and basket.

Visit Wasabi's official Twitter account for updates on his whereabouts and events. Hopefully he'll stay in the game for a few more years, and we'll one day get the chance to see him run to the mound in person.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.