Idol groups in Japan, and particularly underground idols (chika idols, 地下アイドル) offer a service to fans referred to as "cheki". They're essentially Polaroid/print-out camera shots of the fan and a member of the group for set price. Because of concerns about the spreading coronavirus in Japan, many idol groups that offer cheki have canceled or rescheduled events. Idol group 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, however, isn't pulling any shows in response to the virus. Instead, they've decided to charge extra for pictures with fans who don't wear sickness masks.

As a "countermeasure" and promotional response to the COVID-19 virus, 2o Love to Sweet Bullet will be adding on an extra 1,000 yen to their charge of photos with members of the band. Official statements say that the policy is rooted in concerns about the group members getting sick, but an official statement from the group's management says it's an effort to raise awareness regarding the shortage of sickness masks in Japan. The idea being that an increased price will motivate people to pay attention to the sickness mass shortage in Japan.

By - Big Neko.