Source: PR Times

Japan Releases Crispy Cornflake Chicken Katsu Bowls

Popular Japanese restaurant chain Katsuya's menu offers a number of tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) topped bowls and even curry, but their latest release is giving their katsu some breakfast crunch: Cornflake spicy chicken katsu bowlss.

Katsuya says the cornflakes pack an extra crunchy texture as an alternative to the normally used panko breadcrumbs. The bowls serve up already crunchy spicy chicken topped with a layer of cornflakes, chili flakes, and a dollop of mayo on the side.

The cornflake spicy chicken is also available individually (as a non-bowl serving), miso soup and rice sets, and takeout bento boxes as well.

All servings of the especially crunchy cornflake spicy chicken are available at Katsuya stores throughout Japan from March 6th for a limited time.

By - Big Neko.