It can sometimes be hard to resist the siren call of the junkiest flavors of instant noodles, such as Pringles Sour Onion and Cream Ramen, but lately Japan has seen a trend of "healthy" instant ramen options. In the past couple of years, 100% plant based cup noodles, instant ramen that satisfies one day of nutritional needs, and even Zen Buddhist diet-inspired noodles have been released.

Instead of introducing a new product, Myojo Foods has elected to increase awareness of healthy diets with their packaging. While avid noodle slurpers are used to the line inside an instant ramen cup that indicates where to pour hot water up to, Myojo's soba, udon, and ramen cups have a second line that allows eaters to know just how much broth they can drink while leaving behind 150 ml(5.1 ounces) of sodium.

The cups will be included as part of Myojo's new "shio care" (salt or sodium care") campaign on their Umadashiya series of instant ramen, soba, and udon starting September 14th nation wide (they've previously been available in limited distribution).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.