Energize your mind and taste buds with the bright colours and flavours at the Kawaii Monster Cafe’s “KAWAII x Sakura x Easter 2020” spring fair!

Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe centres on bringing the crazy and cute characteristics and vibes of Harajuku together, with the basic concept being that a monster swallowed Harajuku and that the cafe is inside of it’s stomach – Weird right? With the cafe’s trippy seating areas, suspiciously colourful food and eccentric performances, a visit is sure to add some freaky flavour to a day trip in Tokyo.

From now until Sunday April 26, the cafe will be holding a special spring season fair, where the fun theme is based on the idea of a “spring feast of monsters”. The original menu includes monster style Easter and Sakura season dishes that are colourful, bizzare and vibrant. Not only are the dishes visually impressive but the taste of each is also sure to please any foodie.

Colourful Pop Kokekoko Monster Burger 1,680 円 (excluding tax)

Styled after an easter party chicken monster, this extravagant twist on the classic hamburger rests on a bed of greens and comes with a topping of sukiyaki and a side of fries.

Sakura “Saku-rice” Curry 1,300 円 (excluding tax)

Celebrate spring 2020 with the peculiar Saku-rice Curry. A spicy black curry made with burnt caramel surrounds a bed of blue rice representing the earth. On top of the rice, cherry-coloured fondue cheese makes this dish worthy of it’s sakura themed name.

Rainbow Tan Tan Noodles 1,450円 (excluding tax)

An easter version of the cafe’s signature “Colourful Rainbow Pasta dishes”, the Rainbow Tan Tan noodles are made with spicy ingredients and colourful soba noodles. Complete with a soft-boiled monster egg that will flow through and mix with the noodles when cracked on top.

Tropical Bibimbap Boo 1,200円 (excluding tax)

Taste spring with Kawaii Monster Cafe’s spin on this classical Korean soul food. This original bibimbap is full of spicy flavours and is topped off with cherry blossom fu and edible spring flowers

U.F.O Donut Pancake 1,200円 (excluding tax)

A U.F.O from outer space has come down to earth to enjoy the Japanese spring season. Please your sweet tooth with Kawaii Monster Cafe’s sticky homemade donut pancake, completed with plenty of strawberries, tangerines, lemon mousse and strawberry ice cream.

Sakura Mousse Piyopiyo Cake 980円 (excluding tax)

A new born baby chick monster appears from a cracked egg! A fluffy cake decorated with plenty of sakura mousse, perfectly odd for celebrating spring, Monster Cafe style.

Colourful popcorn and Pink Catfood 1,000円 (excluding tax)

A special popcorn coated in white chocolate topped with sprinkles and Kawaii Monster Cafe’s popular pink cat food (ice cream). This special easter edition is made with a limited time offer of pink cat food.

Easter Sakura Rabbit Parfait 2,400円 (excluding tax)

A cherry-coloured Easter Rabbit with a pointed hat and colourful clothing makes its debut. Panna Cotta, milk pudding, fresh strawberries and raspberry sauce are layered beneath the parfait’s surface of strawberry, orange and melon-flavoured cream and strawberry ice cream

* main dishes can be upgraded to a set menu with a salad, drink and desert for ¥1,000. * deserts can be upgraded to include a drink for ¥550.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku is located a short 5 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station and 1 minute walk from the Metro Meiji Jingumae Station. Opening hours are as follows:

Monday - Saturday

  • Lunch 11:30am-4:30pm
  • Dinner 6pm-10:30pm

    • Sunday and holidays

      • 11:00am-8:00pm

        • * Due to the coronavirus it is worth noting that the business hours have been temporarily shortened for the month of March.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.