You may remember Supermarket Kakamu, a Japanese web media focused on dreaming up hypothetical quirky and fun food-related products, for stealing the show at a bread festival by setting up a giant comfy bread bed for people to pose on.

The group is proving to be as clever and creative as ever with some of their latest "inventions". Take a look at some of the awesome ideas they've put together, which will have you longing for some food goods of your own.

Peanut earphones

Tofu tablecloth

Shiso leaf bandages

Ice fire trucks that put out your yakiniku fires

A magic hat that cooks your food

Steaming sweet potato cups for hot drinks

Watermelon speaker

While most of their creations aren't actually for sale, a few, such as a konbu face towel and the sweet potato cups, are sold by Japanese online retailer Felissimo.

Be sure to follow Supermarket Kakamu on their homepage, Twitter, and Instagram for more charming food product ideas!

By - Big Neko.