Usually for dog owners, detours and stops during walks are a sign of stubbornness. For Japanese Twitter user Shinchiro (@mizwe), however, it's a bit of affection that makes doggie walks a little more complicated.

Shinchiro's one-year-old poodle Poco is extremely fond of her dog groomer, who operates a trimming salon nearby Shinchiro's home. So much so that on walks, Poco will stop to make detours and stare in at the groomer, hoping to spot them.

As it happens so often and he felt bad for disturbing the groomer, Shinchiro decided to make a sign for Poco that would help communicate with them when Poco decides to stalk them from afar during walks:

Source: @mizwe

In Japanese, the sign reads "Gomen kudasai" (ごめんください), which translates to "Please forgive me for bothering you", but is a polite phrase often used when entering one's home or asking permission to enter.

As you can see, the groomer really appreciated the adorable and polite sign that now accompanies Poco on her visits!

"Poco, who loves her dog groomer too much, always tries to take a peek inside the salon when we go on walks. It's suspicious if he just sits and peers in quietly so I made a sign that says "I'm sorry for bothering you". The groomer lost it and sent me a picture they took from inside. This is pretty distracting from work, sorry to bother you!"

Source: @mizwe

Many dog lovers were absolutely smitten with Poco's new look and expressed so in the replies:

"The power of "Gomen kudasai" is incredible. Too cute!"

"I wouldn't be able to work like this! I want to be greeted too!"

"I love the way they're peeking in, great idea!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.