Pioneer design double-wall glass maker Goodglas, who specializes in bubbly 3-D art animal glasses that are colored in by your beverage, is releasing two types of “KAPIBARA SAN” design double-wall glasses available from June 11th. “KAPIBARA SAN” is an animated character based on the world's largest, and perhaps chillest rodent, the Capybara. Its relaxed, peaceful character gained popularity over the years since its debut in 2005. In the fall of 2020, to commemorate a 15 year anniversary milestone, it even became a TV anime series.

World’s first KAPIBARA SAN double wall glass

There will be two types of designs available: “Nosu-Nosu” & “Su-Su”.

Each glass is hand-made to order by a professional glass maker using blow-glass techniques. The ears of the baby Capybara in the bottom row are made of precisely designed glasswork. How cute is that?

This glass can be used safely with either iced or hot beverages.

Price: 4290 yen (tax included)

Available at:

Goodglas official online shopping website

Several other adorable Goodglas creations are available to order from our very own Grape Shop as well.

By - Mugi.