Protecting the the health of you and those around you, quarantining, and stress are just a few of many concerns that have arisen as people around the globe deal with the spread of the novel coronavirus, but there have been some bright instances of people showing solidarity and coming together in this time of adversity.

Japanese Twitter user and father residing in Seattle Mocchi (@dkmczk) recently found that to be the case in a touching moment, when he found a letter slid under his home entrance with a note attached. At first he feared it was a complaint regarding his crying newborn, but instead found an incredibly heartfelt gesture.

"There was a letter left under my entrance, and right as I thought it would be a complaint it read: 'We heard your baby crying. At a time when it's already difficult to look after them, the coronavirus situation is an extra difficulty. If there's anything you need we can buy it for you.' *tears* In a world that's on edge right now, I feel rescued knowing I have such kind neighbors."

Source: @dkmczk

The letter, of course, is extremely kind and reassuring during an uneasy time on its own. It gets an adorably touching boost, however, by the fact that when Mocchi was sharing the outpouring of gratitude the gesture has been receiving on social media in Japan, the neighbor said that their 9-year-old daughter tried really hard to draw Mario and Toad on it.

The story has received a lot of love on Twitter.

"They said they remember when they had their own newborn. The important thing is that their imagination = compassion."

"It's amazing that people can be this kind in a time like this."

"It melts my heart that what she thought to draw for a Japanese person was Mario."

"This is totally what 'we are the world' means."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.