If you're interested in Japanese traditional performing arts or are simply looking for a unique cultural experience which you can enjoy from home, the Touseian Noh Theater 冬青庵能舞台 in Kyoto will be streaming a performance this Saturday, April 11th from 3 PM (JST).

The Touseian Noh Stage

A small Noh stage established by Kanze School performer Aoki Yōjirō 青木洋二郎 (1914-1999) in his own private residence, and refurbished into its current state in 1960 by his son Aoki Michiyoshi 青木道喜 (b. 1950), it seats 100 and prides itself on offering audience members a much closer view of the performance than other Noh stages and theaters.

© SocialWire Co., Ltd. | 3rd Shunseinoh performance, "Kiyotsune" 清経 (2018)

Hashitomi: Rikka Kuyō

The performance of “Hashitomi: Rikka Kuyō" 半蔀:立花供養 a Noh play based on the character Yūgao (Moonflower) from The Tale of Genji, was intended to be conducted with audience members in attendance at the Touseian Noh Stage. However, due to the current circumstances with the novel coronavirus pandemic, Touseian has decided to provide the performance free of charge to the world by streaming it online. After its initial live stream, the performance will remain online throughout the month of April.

The play is part of a program called Shunseinoh 春青能 organized by Shirai Takaaki 白井孝明 and performed since 2016 at the Touseian in memory of his daughter Shirai Asagi 白井あさぎ who passed away in 2013 at the age of 19. Since the play has the character Yūgao performing a Buddhist ceremony honoring the dead with flowers, it is considered apt for a commemorative performance.

© SocialWire Co., Ltd. | "Hashitomi" performed at Touseian

You can read the play synopsis as well as the translated English script here at the-noh.com

If you're interested, the flyer (Japanese only) can also be viewed online here.

To view the performance

Details will be announced at the Touseian's website here. Please check the page for updates.

Photo Gallery

Here are a few images from past performances of Shunseino, as provided by the Touseian's press release:

© SocialWire Co., Ltd. | 1st Shunseinoh performance, "Hagoromo" 羽衣 (2016)

© SocialWire Co., Ltd. | 2nd Shunseinoh performance, "Sumidagawa" 隅田川 (2016)

© SocialWire Co., Ltd. | 3rd Shunseinoh performance, "Tenko" (2018) 天鼓

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