When snow falls heavily in Japan, as it did a couple of weeks ago in Tokyo, many race outside for the rare opportunity to test their creative snowman-making abilities. Particularly creative and somewhat mischievous snow-fun lovers like Japanese Twitter user Skull (@skull0502), however, have a more terrifying way of making snow sculptures.

Source: @skull0502

Source: @skull0502

In a Tweet where Skull writes that they "filled their parent's car up", you can see the unsettling images of an army of soulless faces that many online are comparing to the bosses of a Silent Hill game or a demon out of the world of Berserk. Closer inspection will reveal the mask used as a mold to make the creepy faces just below them. It's actually a mask used for the Japanese theatrical art of Noh, and appears to be of the onna-kei (female variety) of masks, which could depict anything from youthful women to vengeful spirits.

Whether you're familiar with Noh or not, the blank-eyed faces greeting you from your car make for one traumatizing snow day surprise, especially when overnight snow caused them to become even more ghoulish.

@skull0502 gave them some accessories and makeovers to tidy them up, but a few of them seem to have only grown in fear factor. Either way, this is a clever and creepy way to break away from the mold (har har) of traditional snowmen!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.