As people are coping with staying home as a countermeasure to the spread of the coronavirus, people are being as creative as they can in dealing with normally scheduled events (such as students heart-warmingly holding their graduation ceremony on Minecraft!).

But with families understandably staying at home as much as possible, one problem difficult to circumvent is keeping kids from fighting! Children often solve their problems with quarrels, but when forced to stay home from school and be together all the time, it's almost a given that things would escalate. Fortunately for the family of Japanese Twitter user and parent @gororin_dararin, a genius system has been put in place.

@gororin_dararin recently shared their household system on keeping things civil between their two sons at home during Japan's cancellation on school activities and stay at home orders. The adorable time-out corner has charmed many on Twitter.

This is the head base for quarreling brothers during school cancellation.

The text reads:

The tent that makes you kind.

  • Only one person can enter here.
  • Enter when you are crying or being angry.
  • When you leave, you will mysteriously become kind.
  • When both of you want to get in, please wait in line.

It's essentially a timeout corner, but the specific rules and welcoming face are made to make sure anytime the sons have a bad time, a source of guidance is in place. @gororin_dararin explained in a comment that although the elder brother is often the instigator, he doesn't use the tent as a place to play and only reflect--so the system seems to be working as intended!

By - Big Neko.