Supermarket Kakamu is a Japanese web media group that has a special talent for creatively designing awesome and eccentric food-related products. Some of their hits in the past include a clever pizza toast bed and peanut earphones!

The group is back again with another brilliant idea--a set of small dishes in the form of a whole onion. The idea is to simply peel each dish away from the onion, which come in different sizes as small as a chopstick rest holder and big enough to fit actual food.

The clever idea would be a great set piece of any onion lover's dinner table, but it's not all the creative group has been up to. Take a look at some of their most recent designs.

A nighttime beer skyscraper.

A green pepper suitcase.

A daruma soy sauce plate.

(Daruma are traditional Japanese dolls. You color one eye with a marker when you make wish, and the other when the wish comes true.)

A mirror that makes your baby Momotaro.

Unfortunately, most of their designs are not actually sold products but hypothetical novelty designs. Some, however, such as a konbu face towel, are sold by Japanese online retailer Felissimo.

If you want to to keep up with their fun designs, follow Supermarket Kakamu on their homepage, Twitter, and Instagram for more charming food product ideas!

By - Big Neko.