If you're mostly staying at home these days in Japan, apart from the occasional trip to the store to stock up on food and supplies, chances are you're grateful for your local convenience store.

If you have a MINISTOP convenience store nearby, there's a new chicken snack in the hot food offerings which may be worth your while.

Cheese-in-Chicken nuggets from MINISTOP

Chicken and cheese have always been an awesome combination, so MINISTOP's new "cheese in chicken" nuggets with melted cream cheese centers are sure to please.

When you order them, they heat them up for you in the kitchen area, melting the centers made of delicious Kiri® cream cheese.

At 240 JPY apiece, they're a convenient and tasty snack to enjoy at any time, or maybe even a good snack to go with beer or chuhai at your next online drinking party.

Product information

  • Name: チーズinチキン (Cheese in Chicken)
  • Price: 240 JPY (excl. tax)
  • On sale from April 17th in select stores
  • On sale from April 24th in all stores
  • Energy: 264 kcal

By - grape Japan editorial staff.