Known for works like さばげぶっ (Survival Game Club!) and 猫色保健室 (Cat Colored Infirmary), Japanese manga artist Hidekichi Matsumoto has been posting her most recent series 犬と猫とどっちも飼ってると毎日たのしい (Every Day is Fun Raising Both a Cat and Dog), on Twitter for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s so popular that an anime adaptation was announced in December 2019. (We previously posted about Matsumoto-san’s manga here.)

In today’s episode, Miss Matsumoto explores a sudden case of disobedience from both her pets.

Why is My Dog Climbing The Cat’s Tower?

One day Matsumoto-san discovers her dog’s new hobby is sitting on the upper levels of her cat’s tower.

Reproduced with permission from 松本ひで吉 Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan)

Frustrated, she yells, “That’s the cat’s spot! You can’t go up there!”

And her dog runs away in terror.

But next thing she knows, he’s back up on the cat tower again.

Why? she wonders to herself, until now he’s always done what I said without disobeying.

Is this just a rebellious phase? she continues, or is he doing this to spite me?

When Matsumoto’s mother comes home to see the dog on the tower, she says encouragingly, “Wow, little doggie climbed all the way up there? What a smart boy!”

Matsumoto then realized that all this time her mother, who outranks her, has been praising him.

Why’s My Cat Begging For Food?

One night Matsumoto-san was having some drinks with her dad when she noticed something strange about her cat.

Reproduced with permission from 松本ひで吉 Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan)

Matsumoto-san noticed her cat was staring in her direction, looking like she wanted some food.

Why?, she wondered, I’ve never even given her any people food before.

Never mind during a meal she continued to worry,if it becomes a bad habit that’ll be the end. I have to make sure not to give her any food.

Matsumoto-san sat there at the table racking her brain. Why the heck…

Then her dad’s hand slipped under the table as he passed the cat a bite.

“DAD!!!” Matsumoto-san exclaimed in surprise and anger.

“Oh whoops, you caught me,” replied her father.

All this time her cat-loving dad had been slipping the cat food when she wasn’t looking.

Matsumoto’s readers sympathized with her, leaving comments like, “It’s the same at my house,” and “I can’t take it when my parents spoil my pet.”

Perhaps similar to grandparents doting on their grandchildren, many pet owners find themselves in a pickle when their parents unintentionally ruin all of that training to make pets behave.

You can follow more of Matsumoto’s work on her Twitter account.

If you are interested in the series highlighted here, you can find them for sale online at Amazon, Rakuten Books, and Yahoo. Here’s a link to the 4th Volume on Amazon released December 13, 2019. And be sure to look forward to the anime when it comes out!

By - Mujo.