With the coronavirus situation still being unpredictable, people in Japan have had to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. This has equated to canceling plans and avoiding the places & people we used to freely interact with.

Public events have also had to take a backseat. The biggest Japanese spring tradition of hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, wasn’t exempt from this and plenty of people have had to miss the bright pink blooms this year.

But even though the last petals have already fallen, videos stay around for much longer. So if you missed your chance this year, you can still hold a virtual hanami party through a 1-hour long, high-definition video showcasing 5 different cherry blossom spots across Japan.

Titled “Sakura Delivery Project 2020”, the video was produced by a Japanese company that offers group tours for elderly people living in nursing homes. With the coronavirus situation in mind, the company created the video for not just the elderly, but for everyone stuck indoors.

The video starts with an introduction by the company’s CEO in Japanese, followed by beautifully shot scenes set in different areas of Japan. Fully bloomed cherry blossoms fill every frame as the camera sweeps across views like Osaka Castle, Osawa-no-Ike Pond, and miles of evergreen forests.

A heartwarming message in English and Japanese also appears at the very end of the video. It touches on the importance of essential workers with, “We are overwhelmed with gratitude and words are not enough to describe our appreciation.”

For everyone else, the message says, “We all have worry and anxiety from the situation [...] However, we all have to get through this together”—encouraging words that can bloom hope even in the most uncertain of times.

By - Jen Laforteza.