‘Tabemasu’ is a Japanese sweets brand which specialises in traditional Japanese sweet versions of popular characters. They’ve teamed up with various big name companies such as Sanrio, San-X, and even Disney, for their adorably detailed offerings.

Often the sweets are made of ‘nerikiri’, a type of wagashi which can be easily coloured and moulded. But sometimes they experiment with other types of Japanese sweet, and this latest release is another one for their mochi series.

Thanks to the round and squishy characteristics of mochi, it’s perfect for rendering these Sanrio characters’ features in tasty sweet form.

The characters come as double acts and each one has a different flavour filling. The first duo is Hello Kitty (apple flavour) and Pompompurin (custard flavour).

The other option is Cinnamoroll (milk flavour) and My Melody (strawberry milk flavour).

Each character has ten possible expressions, meaning for each set of two there’s one hundred possible combinations to find. These include plenty of cute expressions such as heart eyes, winks and sparkly eyes. There’s also a mystery expression which hasn’t been officially announced.

Each set of two costs 280 yen and can be found in the chilled dessert section of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.